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Hong Kong Resources

On this page you will find hospitals, universities, clinics, and professionals here in Hong Kong.

The Dyslexia Association of Hong Kong does not necessarily endorse these resources, but they may be helpful. We recommend interviewing any professional for appropriate credentials before beginning a service.



While an assessment is not needed to begin intervention, it can be an important next step in supporting someone with dyslexia or a specific learning difference.  Thought should be given to the type of an assessment, which could be a full educational psychologist assessment or a more narrow dyslexia assessment.  An educational psychology assessment is typically completed by someone with a PsyD or PhD, but may be completed by someone with a Masters degree.

Central Health Medical Practice
Southside Family Health Centre

Child Psy Assessment & Learning


Child Assessment Service
Department of Health
HKSAR Government

Dyslexia Support HK


Child Development Centre


HK EP Services Centre


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Potential Development Association

Jadis Blurton Family Development Center






Sprout in Motion


Dyslexia Assessments

In some cases, a specific assessment for dyslexia may be the best next step.  A dyslexia assessor is someone who has been certified to diagnosis Specific literacy difficulties (SpLD).

Dyslexia Support
Dyslexia Assessment

ENT Laser Hearing & Speech Therapy Centre

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Phonak Hearing Centre Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong




Pathways Foundation

St. James' Settlement

Watchdog Early Education Centre

Non-Profit Organizations

Family Eye Care

Dr. Vanessa Thai

Central Health Child Development Team



While dyslexia has nothing to do with an individual's vision, testing one's eyesight is an important first step in identifying the cause of reading struggles. 

Vision therapy and occupational optometry can also help address vision issues, which has nothing to do with dyslexia, but can be a cause of reading struggles. 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong

Watchdog Early Education Centre

Speech & Language

Speech & Language Therapy

Tutors & Specialists

Tutors & Specialists
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