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The Dyslexia Association of Hong Kong delivers monthly talks from a range of local and international professionals.

The talks focus on supporting individuals with dyslexia by sharing information, strategies, and best practices with professionals and parents.

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The Dyslexia Association of Hong Kong regularly offers evidence-based professional development opportunities from internationally accredited institutions.


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Dr Scarlett Matolli will discuss the neurobiological underpinnings and visible behaviours of dyslexia


Dyslexia’s Invisible Difficulties: An exploration of neurobiological underpinnings and visible behaviours.

In this sharing, several key theories and evidence for ‘what is Dyslexia’ will be reviewed, alongside the pros and cons of each. We’ll have a closer look at how we do and do not process visible language. This sets the stage for deepening the concepts into how children experience this world and how they cannot tell others what is happening for them. The very real difficulties of this under-reported development difference can be recognised early on but less than often enough, are recognised, appropriately assessed, and accurately supported. When unrecognised, or worse, criticised, this absence of the development of what is deemed a basic academic achievement for most, can lead to resulting feelings of anxiety and uncertainty in the child, confusion about their own experience, and eventual self-doubt that can impede the healthy development of self-efficacy, positive mood and sometimes even connection with peers. Come and explore what neuroscience presents as the internal basis for dyslexia, what that correlates to behaviourally and visibly to the outside world, and what to do about it.

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